Host your HTML, CSS, JS
demos on your server,
use Editr as playground.

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Load files from gists

Github Gist give us such a nice API, why not to use it :) It's an awesome way of managing files.


Editr supports 3 layout views: horizontal, vertical and single. First two are for live edit. Third one is for presentation.

Emmet support

Don't like to spend too much time on typing code? Who does?! That's where Emmet saves our asses.

Rich code editor

ACE Editor is used, it has really wide range of functions and nice syntax highlighting.


Many, many themes for you to choose from. It's all thanks to ACE Editor usage.

Nice preloader

No nasty looking elements while loading Editr, just a sweet looking preloader which you can customize with css.

Read-only state

Don't want to allow those puny users to edit your code? Switch Editr to read-only mode.

Multiple files

Wants to edit multiple files in single Editr instance? Why not, we have that too.

Base64 support

Don't want to create files? Encode your code with Base64, it works like a charm ... really.

Easy to embed and style

Add single HTML element with demo data and style it with CSS to match your website.

Errors detecting

View CSS, JavaScript errors as you type code.

More features on the way, you can submit your here.


There're other web editors, how Editr is different?

Editr isn't for editing and saving files on server, it's for playing with them. It's the same as Codepen or jsFiddle embedded editor, the only difference is that you host your files and you can customize editor.

Can I request a feature?

Sure, if it's useful, I'll work on it. Feel free to send it on Github or just ping me on Twitter but before that, please check if it's not already on features list.

Does it support SASS?

No and it probably won't be. I would love to add support but simply there's no JavaScript parser for SASS.

What about other preprocessors?

As long as they have JavaScript parser, you're free to add support yourself. You can add it via Editr options. Check docs and source.