Getting started


Esuna is open source Front-End framework and set of coding guidelines.
It’s a solid base on which you can build your projects.

Here’s a round up of info about Esuna:

  • It’s BEM based and mobile first framework
  • Basic style for most useful elements used during development - no candy look
  • Contains custom set of development tools
  • Has optimized comments style which allow to fully utilize Sublime Text goto symbol function


You can clone repo or just download:


Esuna uses custom set of development tools, some of them needs additional configuration. Those tools are only initialized on specified development domains, to set those domains, open _ui/js/script.js and find devDomains variable at the beginning of file. Add there your development domains.

If you’re going to add retina images in your project then open _ui/style.css adn goto Sprites sections. There’s a special media query which applies to devices with higher resolution - update background-size property with width and height of _ui/img/sprite.png. If you don’t want to support retina devices then simply remove that media query.